Alumni Testimoni

Dr. M.F. Christiningrum

(Rector of the Institute of National Business)

“The learning process in PIA broadens students’ horizons and knowledge, and cultivates wisdom in the philosophy and science of accountancy. The lecturers are highly qualified and the materials used in the learning process are very interesting, substantial and meaningful. I hopefully that all these can be maintained and enhanced, so that the Program can produce qualified graduates”.

“Determined to become a lecturer who has high integrity and competence, I enrolledin PPIA UI to be part of the big bamily in the program. No semester passed without reading, reviewing and presenting our comprehension on international research journals. Also, no semester passed without conducting a project research or merely doing a literature review on accounting topic. During my 2 years study at PPIA, I have gained acceleration in my knowledge, insight and expertise in the field of accounting theory research. Learnings materials which are up to date, lecturer with high competence in both science and teaching methods, classroom atmosphere that is always alive with interesting discussions and fabulous campus facilities make the learning experience in PPIA one unforgettable life experience for me”.

Dr. Vina Hantina

(Lecturer of Kalbis Institute)

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